Is VR the future?


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Do you think VR is the future? I'm not yet convinced that it is. Headsets are way too expensive still and I'm not sure if it's even suitable for everyone. People with seizure disorders (like myself) like things such as hydrocephalus, or even epilepsy would probably be a bad idea to utilize VR or a VR headset.
I like to think it is the far future, when techonlogy can so easily allow us to enter a VR like world without clunky equipment. But it simply isn't the thing for us right now.


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I agree on both points. Once the technology really evolves, it will be implanted in our brains with neural chips!
In the far future maybe. I can see it being quite useful for a variety of things but I'm just not sure how mainstream it will become really


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I don't know about the future but I do use VR in the now, on a daily basis.

sometimes I use my oculus with my leap motion to look at models of things when I'm working on a project but don't have the hardware fully up yet.

Other times I use it to explore a place I've not been via a google maps VR add on, like when I go to play ingress I like to plan out what route I'm going to take and visit the locations virtually first so I can get a feel for the area making it easier to find something, especially in urban areas.

and sometimes I just like to use stuff like VR chat, or this really nifty VR web browser I like to use which allows me to visit websites as virtual realms rather than 2D text pages.

I really need to get a screenshot of my website in the VR browser lol.

Personally though I think the future will be a unified device that does both, probably in the next 10 years or so.

some pair of glasses that not only allows Augmented reality but Virtual reality as well via lens opacity.

Smart Glasses will probably be a thing before we figure out the input side of the neural interface as right now it's output only...
however in the years 2050 to 2070 onwards I think we'll have gibsonian cyberdecks with brain jacks and wireless uplinks.
no more keyboards, no more mice, cyberspace will be just something everyone has access to, like the air, or water, it just is.