Anti-malware vs Anti-virus

What do you feel is more important? Well, I guess it depends on what you visit on the net - but I feel like anti-Malware is always more important. I mean, it's so easy to get that stuff (malware) on your computer - and I've seen so many computers wrecked by it.


Technomancer and Cyber historian
eh, both is probably a good idea, but both anti-viruses do double duty, with anti-malware covering the gaps.

then again... I use linux to clean viruses when both fail so... yeah


Technomancer and Cyber historian
^^^ this right here.

but I still say it's good to have a linux live anti-virus disc on top of it all, for when the two fail, when you boot into linux the virus is usually dormant so you can remove it when it would otherwise be near impossible.
worst antivirus: Mcafee. Takes 1 hour to scan the whole computer while malwarebytes and other anti virus take around 5 or maybe 10 min depending on how huge fiels i have