SEGA Consoles and games thread


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since the site didn't have one I decided to post one.

for Dreamcast, saturn, genesis, Master system consoles, sega Arcade Cabinets, and of course sega special games!


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Yes those are all good consoles. I remember playing a game on a Genesis quite some time ago and it was awesome!


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I actually modded my genesis with a mega amp to clear up a known sound issue with the model 2 units.

works like a charm :p

I've had it since I was... 3? yeah about then, had to fix the power connector when I brought it back online a few years ago but it's served me well since.

I just can't get enough of ecco the dolphin, pacman 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles (hybrid combined cart), and of course the really awesome everdrive which let's me load roms onto the actual hardware. :geek:


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One of my favorite games was NBA 2K on the Dreamcast. And then I found out shortly after I bought my Dreamcast that they weren't going to make games anymore... so my mom was able to return it for me.