how is your day?

Pleasant dreams all, had gamed a few on my phone, the while just enjoying a nice romantic Xmas movie and music. Be dining on a frozen French onion soup tonight. Sleep tight everybody!
Its been a nice day. :3 I saw saterday morning favorite shows and i'm getting over my cold now.
Yesterday was a pretty good day. I stayed busy all day at work, which is to be expected around Christmas time. I was able to get off on time yesterday for the first time all week, which turned out great since I had a family gathering at my parents house last night.
Good afternoon all, brunch had been canceled because cousin is sick. Thus, I had an almond croissant for breakfast instead and an iced coffee this morning out. Had waited the whole morning for my aunt's family for nothing. Be lunching on a Chinese crepe and some leftovers with some Chinese green tea. Might be dining out with my uncle, cousin and aunt tonight, not sure yet if cousin's up for it or not.
Well, folks, it's Christmas Eve. I just have to make it through today and I'll have made it through another Christmas working in retail. I'll get to go to relatives house this evening when I get off work. We'll have goulash to eat for dinner and we'll play dirty Santa afterwards. Anyway, I hope everything goes well at work today because I'm off the next two days if I can just make it through work today.
Hello night all, had a pretty chill brunch at lunchtime today, so hadn't had breakfast, I think I'll be having a light dinner tonight too. Been having too much to drink and eat for the holidays. Had been at the shops for a little bit this afternoon, but had been mainly resting the whole day and lazying around the house. Am just relaxing with a few movies and some music before dinner and sleeping tonight. Merry Xmas and happy New Year to all.