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  1. zoldos

    SEGA Consoles and games thread

  2. zoldos

    Shallow Reason for Church Attendance

    I was mainly pointing out that I don't need God or religion to be a good person. :)
  3. zoldos

    Tough Love in Politics

    Sure bud, I can dig that. :)
  4. zoldos

    Anti-malware vs Anti-virus

    I use both! hehehe
  5. zoldos

    Is there real democracy in America?

    The fact that he even made it to our president still befuddles me.
  6. zoldos

    Is there real democracy in America?

    Cool diagram!
  7. zoldos

    post your desktop

  8. zoldos


    My whole life is VR.
  9. zoldos

    Subbed or Dubbed

    I prefer subbed as the dubbing is normally really bad. lol
  10. zoldos


    Which are? :D
  11. zoldos

    Favorite PS4 game?

    haha I didn't like that or PUBG. I hate not re-spawning, or being sniped after being on the map for like 2 seconds. :(
  12. zoldos

    Nintendo 64: Favorite Game?

    I remember that game. Pretty cool. :)
  13. zoldos

    Xbox games

    Just a couple. Battlefield 1 and V, and Need for Speed Payback. hehe
  14. zoldos

    IOS or Android?

    I've never used IOS but I've seen it. Didn't like what I saw. :D
  15. zoldos

    PS4 Pro vs PS5

    That's what I'm saying. LAME. hehehe Besides, I'm a PC gamer thru and thru. :D
  16. zoldos

    Sup man. :)

    Sup man. :)
  17. zoldos

    racing games

    Yes I really want this game. I have the first one and it's awesome!
  18. zoldos

    Favorite anime?

    These all sound interesting!! What genre?